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Scan the Table of Contents! Polemical Judo ranges from electoral cheating to the economy; from saving the planet to troubles with Russia and China; From conspiracies to racism, to forging a Big Tent Coalition.

Yes, we’ll explore "exit strategies" — impeachment, indictment, the 25th Amendment and all that (skip to Chapter 16, if it’s all you care about). But I hope you’ll also try on some ideas from Lincoln, FDR, MLK and the Greatest Generation. Because those brave geniuses fought earlier battles for us. And they won.

... plus tactics, tactics, tactics that you’ve never seen before. They might — or might not — work. But shouldn’t someone at least try some of them?

Note: this is just volume one! Rushed out for a crucial election year. More chapters will emerge, as months pass. (And feedback from readers will be heeded; we’re all in this together.)

Even if the arrogant reach of this volume offends, I hope you’ll mine it for those tactics. There’s not much at stake, after all... except America, the Enlightenment Experiment, and possibly our one chance at the stars.

Read the first and second chapters here, and the final chapter at David Brin's blog Contrary Brin.

Are we in phase 8 of America’s 250 year civil war?

If so, the Union has a problem with its generals, who keep getting lured into grunt-and-shove combat, on ground chosen by the other side. The possibility of using agility — winning political battles with the shifting dexterity of jiu jitsu — never occurs to Democratic politicians or strategists.

Sure, talk show hosts milk each day’s outrage for humor, indignation and ratings. But does anyone consider ways to get off the hoary, insipid "left-right political axis" and maneuver in three dimensions? Amid the latest tweet-storm and news-grabbing stunt, what pundit ever steps back to ask "Hey, what actually just happened?"

Across today’s fast-changing political landscape, we’ll try to do that, exploring —
how to slash the bonds (or lies) holding their coalition together. (The very thing they do to us.)
confront our neighbors not with familiar chasms, but commonalities. Things both you and they know to be true.
counter the all-out war against facts and all fact-using professions, including science and "fake news" and the men and women of the "deep state" who stymied Hitler, Stalin and bin Laden.
use outcomes to demolish comfy Fox-narratives — e.g., that conservatives are the practical ones — by proving Democrats are way better against deficits, at engendering a healthy economy and even at fostering open-creative-competitive enterprise.
go after the two traits our red neighbors find appealing about Donald Trump — his brash bully-bravado and the way he enrages the people they most hate.
use the one method that always corners them. A trick that makes a few opponents stop, think and reconsider... while sending the rest fleeing in panic and shame. And much more.

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table of contents or more about Brin's novels

table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction — The Need for Judo Polemic (plus Zingers in case you’re TLDR to read the book.)
Chapter 2: Fundamentals — Underlying Beliefs that (Nearly) All Americans Share
Chapter 3: Profiles In Judo — Invoke The Greatest Generation, Adam Smith, Jonas Salk, Lincoln, Heinlein and... AOC

Chapter 4: End the Cheating First
Chapter 5: The War on All Fact People
Chapter 6: Credibility? How Often the Right Has Just Been Wrong
Chapter 7: Oh, the Conspiracies!
Chapter 8: Poison and Antidote — Blackmailers, Henchmen and Whistleblowers
Chapter 9: America’s place in the world, Part 1: Pax Americana and the Rise of China

Chapter 10: Government is the problem?
Chapter 11: Economics — No, you don’t get Adam Smith... and Other Rationalizations
Chapter 12: Unreliable Allies: Overcoming Splitterism
Chapter 13: Can We make a Deal? "What Would Adults Do?"

Chapter 14: Our 250 Year Family Feud — "Phase 8 of the Civil War?"
Chapter 15: Hammer Their Macho With Wagers! And The Name an Exception Challenge
Chapter 16: Exit Strategies — Impeachment, Indictment, the 25th Amendment and all that

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    Oliver Lewis, Improbable Ltd., London

    "David, thank you so much for sparing the time not only to join us over the last two days, but also in giving a masterful introduction. Throughout, I had your words of tolerance, diversity, and eccentricity foremost in my mind. More than that, I was grateful to hear someone remind us, particularly the entertainers, of how our communities often come to the aid of neighbours in need. That's much more of the world I want to live and imagine."

    John Arquilla, Naval Postgraduate School

    "David, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your thoughts with so many from around our community. The buzz has been outstanding, with many requests for the trons to your slide deck. I was particularly struck by how so many of the themes you identified so long ago — back when we were first in touch — so accurately glimpsed what was coming. Kudos!"

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