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DAVID BRIN's Heart of the Comet

Bantam, 1986

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the lone wanderer returns

"He had always been a problem-solver, a man who reflexively reacted to the unknown by breaking it into understandable pieces. Then Carl would carefully solve each small puzzle, confident that the sum of such microproblems would finally resolve the larger confusions." — Heart of the Comet

It is 2065, and a regular visitor makes its long-awaited dive toward the sun in a 75 year cycle. Only this time, Halley's Comet is met by an ambitious expedition, using the great fuming ball of gas, dust and ice as a natural spaceship to "hitch a ride" through the solar system. The scientific and commercial enterprise aims to herd the valuable object into a close orbit to Earth, for disassembly into resources to make the world rich again.

Only, nature and luck intervene. Soon a mysterious virus decimates the crew. Other life-forms, from a genetic heritage separated from ours by a billion years, begin a rough, sometimes deadly "negotiation" with the bodies of the human settlers, stoking stress between their already volatile factions. Conflicts explode as panicky orthos — unmodified humans — blame those expedition members who are genetically enhanced "Percells."

Against this background, the novel highlights a love triangle between ortho biologist Saul, who helped create the Percells, and Percell computer engineer Virginia (whose biologically-based computer just might possess genuine artificial intelligence)... and crewman Carl, whose steadfast courage might hold the key to survival.

And... perhaps... something far more than mere survival.

Heart of the Comet tells the story of an ambitious manned mission to visit the comet and alter its orbit in order to mine it for resources. The discoveries soon include a deadly viral lifeform that decimates the crew.

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more about Heart of the Comet

the return of a classic

After many years out of print, co-authors Gregory Benford and David Brin have revised and re-issued their bold novel about our near-future in space, when we plant our boots — and stake our destiny — on becoming the people of the comet.

Prescient and scientifically-accurate, Heart of the Comet was known as one of the great "hard sf" novels of the 1980s. The novel, first published in 1986, coincided with the last return visit of Comet Halley to Earth.

foreign-language editions

Here are some of the covers of Heart of the Comet's foreign and foreign-language publications.

Heart of the Comet's foreign editions

Here are the covers of Heart of the Comet's Japanese edition.

Heart of the Comet's Japanese edition covers

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    Heart of the Comet reviews

    Los Angeles Times

    "A literary conjunction of two of the brightest stars in the science-fiction firmament. In Heart of the Comet, we have it all, the techno-props and accurate physics and biology of John W. Campbell, the heroic battles with outrageous monsters of Robert E. Howard, the insights into seething human perversity of J.G. Ballard and Thomas M. Disch, the characterizational depth of Theodore Sturgeon, all of it wrapped in a scientifically plausible and entertaining package that should not be missed. Heart of the Comet should be on everyone's award ballot."

    Chicago Tribune

    "Heart of the Comet may well be the masterpiece of the (hard science) movement ... this book is what science fiction is."

    San Diego Union

    "Better than Dune.... Tremendously imaginative ... a breathtaking effort from two of science fiction's brightest stars."

    The Atlanta Constitution

    "This is hard science fiction at its best."


    "A magnificent effort ... these two gifted authors have managed to tell a story that is as realistic, gritty, and profoundly moving as any within recent memory ... their story gets better, and better, and better."

    The Indianapolis News

    "Heart of the Comet soars into uncharted territory ... an exciting tale of man's ability to cope and adapt in the face of overwhelming odds."

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    Vernor Vinge

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    praise for Glory Season

    "Brin's canny sensitivity about the complexities of human nature transcends gender barriers in a novel that is not so much about 'women's issues' as the necessity for change and variability. As in Earth, the author demonstrates his ability to empathize with all his characters. This complex and gripping tale belongs in most libraries."
    — Library Journal

    Zimmer-Gunsel-Frasca Partnership

    "We very much appreciated your participation in our Partner/Principal Retreat in Tucson. Our group was very interested in what you had to say about both past and present, and as I observed our Principals downloading to our staff upon their return, it was apparent that your ideas about the future were both thought-provoking and stimulating."

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    "Brin expounds upon his belief that people need to keep watch on snooping governments, employers, insurance companies, and so on.... In assessing the current state of affairs, Brin divulges a barrage of ways and means of monitoring electronic transmissions."