by Cheryl Brin

Make way for the Lords, of ice, field and fold.
By gun or by sword, you do as you’re told,
And honor their gold, if you want to grow old.

CHERYL BRIN's The Melody of Memory
cover by Patrick Farley

What if you could take your worst memories — those of extreme trauma or loss of a loved one — tie them to a unique musical melody, composed just for you, and seal them away in a box?

The memories are not lost, but stored deep within your brain. You can revisit them if and when you wish, simply by activating the melody of your box.

Would such a device be used for good — or for evil — if it got into the wrong hands?

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How can we avoid another war?

For centuries the colonists on planet Tyra suffered unexplained cycles of collapse and dark ages. Now, as civilization seems to be clawing its way back, is that curse repeating, yet again?

Aya Voss is perennially unlucky. Caught as a child on the wrong side of the border, she grows up separated from homeland and family, always the outsider, isolated and tormented. Drafted out of school to help manufacture weapons for use against her own people, Aya struggles to survive and to rejoin those she left behind, as devastating war, plague and madness tear away all she knows.

Amid the tragic cycles on this world, people retained one consistent technology — tying unpleasant memories to a melody, then stashing them safely away in a box. At times a blessing, memory boxes long ago became tools of repression, hobbling humanity’s ability to learn from mistakes.

Might Aya’s new generation be the one to break this cycle at last and forge destiny anew?

The Melody of Memory is a coming-of-age story, as Aya manages to join — and then help lead — a revolution. A revolution of courage and purpose, to see past her own pain and Tyra’s. To help heal a wounded world.

published 2021 by Ring of Fire Press

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about the author Cheryl Brin

author Cheryl Brin

about the author, Cheryl Brin

Cheryl Brin studied geochemistry at Caltech. She has worked as a researcher, editor, teacher and tutor. The Melody of Memory is her first novel.

She can be reached at her blog, Chemistry on Your Table — how science is shaping how we eat and live in the twenty-first century, or on Twitter @cherylbrin.

Cheryl lives in southern California with her husband, science fiction author David Brin, and near their three adult children.

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