DAVID BRIN's HUGO eligibility materials

DAVID BRIN's Hugo-eligible fiction

My one work published in 2012 and eligible for this year's HUGO award is EXISTENCE... now available in paperback! Peruse dozens of wonderful reviews, or watch me read aloud several chapters, or download parts on the main Existence page.

Below are links to four stand-alone novellas that make up separate story lines in Existence. (Each has a satisfying conclusion but none of them are spoilers for the main arc of the novel!) But first, please enjoy the vivid preview-trailer by web artist Patrick Farley:


THE SMARTEST MOB - A news reporter finds herself aboard a passenger Zeppelin that might -- perhaps -- have been turned into a weapon of terror. No one will listen -- not the government or the Zep company. No one, that is, except a semi-random band of hyper-linked amateurs, scattered around the globe.

AFICIONADO - Take a wild rocket ride -- the new sport of the super-rich in 2050. Hacker Sander is spoiled, temperamental and a champion rocket-jock, expert at the game of Space War... till a crash landing throws him into lethal peril. His sole hope? A tribe of strangely savvy sea creatures, with a secret need of their own.

THE SHELTER OF TRADITION - In 2050 Shanghai, a mother and her child must flee dark forces in broad daylight, while evading the gaze of a hundred million cameras on every ledge and lamp-post. Her only hope is assistance from a strange little boy... and the refuge of the Wonderful World of Disney and the Monkey King.

SHORESTEADING - This novella-excerpt from Existence tells the story of a brave Chinese man, trying to make a life for his family in the flooded boundaries of Shanghai, who stumbles upon a great and terrible discovery.

The first three of these novellas stand well entirely on their own, though be warned, reading them will make you want Existence. These novellas (and an Interlidolude) are also available on the main Existence page -- where David Brin reads the first three chapters aloud.