the public appearances of DAVID BRIN

the public appearances of DAVID BRIN

David Brin, Ph.D.

I am best-known as a "futurist" who comments plausibly and entertainingly about trends in technology and society. Here are listings of my past engagements as speaker, consultant, and media expert. Here too are references and recommendations.

References and Recommendations

"David. Thanks again for your wonderful contributions to our GE Whitney Symposium. Much stimulated discussion ensued!" — Martha M. Gardner, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, GE Global Research

"I want to thank you again for your presentations and discussions with the our engineering team at Viacom. It's was very inspirational for everyone. I've gotten so many compliments! Even though we work for a content company we don't get much opportunity to meet authors of your stature and achievement. And yet it's the love of great works of art and science that keep most of our engineers at Viacom and not at a pure tech company. So thanks again for all that you do and for giving us a lot to think about!" — John Pavley, Viacom Corp.

"David, your mini-residency at Oregon State exceeded all our expectations. You worked hard and thrilled every class and audience, in every subject." — Charles Robinson, Professor, Oregon State University

“Thanks again for your talk at our place. We've been leaning heavily on the ideas, especially strengthening our partnership with the citizenry to build resilience in our society. As ISIS and other groups leverage "super-empowered angry young men" to crowdsouce terrorism, we want to find a way to crowdsouce a response, or even better, a (metaphorical) vaccine against radicalization.” — “Rachel” at “a certain intelligence agency”

"David, you were referred to frequently after you had to leave the Boeing 2116 100th anniversary conference. Many later presenters quoted you. Your participation was very stimulating and highly valued." — Glen Hiemstra,

"I would like again to thank you for your incredible enthusiasm and the energy you brought to Bard during your time as our first National Endowment for the Humanities Distinguished Visiting Fellow. You went above and beyond expectations. I greatly enjoyed and appreciated your efforts and your willingness to engage students for hours and hours. The openness and fun you bring to big questions is infectious. I hope many took solace in not only your ideas but your approach of addressing future challenges with guarded, can-do optimism." — Roger Berkowitz, Director, Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities at Bard College

"Please accept my thanks — and those of the IOP community — for making time to join us this week in Amsterdam and for your fine presentation. Your speaker evaluations were quite favorable, in the "world class" range. Another indicator of excellence was the number of times your session was referenced, either by subsequent speakers or by the attendees during discussion times. On behalf of our member companies, we're very grateful for your outstanding contribution to the success of the event." — Joel Nagy, Director Innovation Outreach Program (IOP), October 2015

"An amazing and on-target talk to our SEA-VR conference, David. Our attendees could not stop talking about it." — Tom Furness ("Father of virtual and augmented reality") October 2015

"Thank you, David! I'm really looking forward to watching the recording, and I heard only rave reviews. Thanks for fitting us into your busy schedule and kicking off our series with a bang." — Katie King, San Diego Foundation

"Thank you for committing to spending the time supporting the Atlantic Council's project once again. You're a great role model as a mentor and as a writer (an admirable combination)." — August Cole, The Atlantic Council (5/2015)

"Your keynote was right on target and did exactly what we asked: Get minds in gear in an expansive mode." — Brad Holtz, President & CEO, Cyon Research Corporation (Conference on Engineering Software 5/2015)

"This was a great inspirational event as so many people commented on it. Thanks! The content of your message was powerful and influential, as you helped reconfirm and encourage people to formulate new future directions that they might otherwise never have been envisioned at all." — Nahum D. Gershon, The MITRE Corporation

"Thank you again for speaking at Uptime Institute Symposium. The feedback on your presentation to 1,000+ attendees was outstanding and I personally found both the presentation, and our conversation at the reception, very stimulating." — Bill Rock, The 451 Group

"Thank you so much for your remarks at the Atlantic Council's Disrupting Defense: Dynamic Security in an Age of New Technologies conference staged by the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security on May 14, 2014. Your plea for government to take the citizenry into account in all of its actions was well-received and very important. Further, your discussion of America's ability to anticipate the next war, but not coming surprises, was an insightful contribution. We were honored you were able to come to Washington early to share your thoughts with us." — Barry Pavel, Director: Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, The Atlantic Council

"I just wanted to reiterate my thanks for your keynote and participation on my panel discussion last week. Man, I had fun, and we've been receiving ecstatic feedback from symposium participants! Let's do this again." — Sam Pfeifle IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals), March 2014

"David, thanks again for joining us last week for in-depth consultations about future global trends. I think all who participated found the discussion extremely interesting, useful and fun. I hope we can continue this conversation in the future, as we discussed." — Bannig Garrett, Director of Global Trends, the Atlantic Council, March 2014.

"Dr. Brin - It was a great honor to have you speak on campus. I am a huge fan of your books, and you did not disappoint in person. You achieve a rare combination of originality, intellectual rigor, and fun." — Steven Young, Facebook Headquarters, February 2014

"Dear Mr Brin - I would like to extend to you my genuine thanks and appreciation for the valuable contribution you made at the recent ICT 2013 event in Vilnius, Lithuania. You played a key role in ensuring the event was not just stimulating but also one that will help shape future EU activities in the area of ICT research and innovation." — Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission

"David, thank you for letting us interview you! Your insights added a great deal to the show, as you can see from how often we put you on-screen. I hope the show finds you a ton of new readers. Please thank your family for letting us invade your home. It was an honor to work with you. I hope we have a chance to work together or talk in the future." — Sean Sakomoto, Producer of the History Channel show "Star Trek: Secrets of the Universe"

"David - on behalf of PayPal, eBay and BillMeLater, thank you for your terrific keynote for the conference of senior managers. It was really well received and from what I hear, you got a lot of people thinking about connections to our business they might not have noticed otherwise." — Alex Tosheff, Chief Information Security Officer

"After one day of recuperation from the big event I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU so much for the powerful speech you gave at the SME Inauguration. We had lots of very positive feedback. Everyone I talked to was excited by your fascinating and stimulating remarks!" — Frieder Seible, Dean,Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD

"Simply a fantastic presentation, David. You had us all spellbound in the tornado of unexpected ideas." — Keynote dedication — Mark Stover, Dean, CSU Northridge

"David, your company-wide was very well-attended and generated animated discussion of the wide-ranging ideas. Come back soon." — Curtis Wong, Principal, Interface Development, Microsoft

"Thanks again for being part of our "kick-off" program for the KPCC Crawford Forum science series (broadcast on our NPR station). The audience loved it, and we all learned a lot — you certainly do have a lot of fans! We hope we can have you with us again at some time in the not too distant future." — Janice Watje-Hurst, Associate Producer Crawford Family Forum 89.3 KPCC-FM

"David, you did an AMAZING job on this year's CTO challenge!" — Sharon Anderson, executive director, Future in Review conference

"David, thanks again for this year's CTO creativity challenge exercise. In this case, the results are going to be much more long lasting than just being "a show"!" — Larry Smarr, Director CalIT2

"Thank you again for a stellar presentation at TEDxIntut! " — Anthony Coglianese, Intuit, Inc.

"The US Air Force ran a six month Delphi effort in which "Oracles" provided insight into potential futures for the USAF. The Oracles are tops in their fields, ranging from Hugo, Nebula, Campbell and Locus Award-winning science fiction writer and astrophysicist Dr. David Brin, who authored Earth, Foundation's Triumph, The Uplift War, and The Postman, to US Air Force Senior Mentor Lt Gen Mike Short, who led NATO's air campaign in the Kosovo and Serbia without single NATO casualty in combat. Many of the Oracles command a high fee for their expertise, but all worked on this project pro bono out of a sense of patriotism, academic curiosity, professional interest, friendship or some combination of the above." — Julian Chesnutt (Department of Defense) and Timothy Mack (World Future Society)

"I've long been a big fan of David Brin, whose Uplift series about humanity's lifting other species of animals to human intelligence will prove extremely predictive. His book Earth accurately foresaw, among other things, what's now happening with everyone having web-linked video cameras, recording everything." — Doug Casey (international investment guru)

"David, thank you for your presentation at our Kaplan University Village Online Conference. It was very well received by our instructors and staff as you can see by the survey results. Of the 198 people who attended, 100 answered our survey and the enthusiastic audience response broke all records. Thank you again, you were terrific, truly!!" — Penny Lorenzo (10/2009)

"David, Thank you for being an integral part of our 2007 "Dinner in the Library"... we were very pleased to feature an alumnus as our after-dinner speaker. You are a perfect example of what UCSD's integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum can produce -- innovative research, ground-breaking ideas, and a roadmap into the future. We appreciate your talents and all that you have given back through your writing and consulting. With very best wishes and much gratitude." — Brian Schottlander, Geisel University Librarian, UCSD.

"Terrific feedback from everybody involved, David. Our people found it stimulating to converse with someone who has perspicaciously synthesized so many surprising patterns in human behavior and technology (enthusiastically) and who offers positive, pragmatic suggestions for our company evolution. One team member left 'with all kinds of ideas and motivation for being creative and innovative, both at work and outside.' Thanks again and we'll stay in touch." — Ricardo dos Santos of the Qualcomm Innovation Network.

"We very much appreciated your participation in our Partner/Principal Retreat in Tucson. Our group was very interested in what you had to say about both past and present, and as I observed our Principals downloading to our staff upon their return, it was apparent that your ideas about the future were both thought-provoking and stimulating." — Ellen Gyllstrom of Zimmer-Gunsel-Frasca Partnership, Portland Oregon.

"Many, many thanks for an exhilarating evening. Your remarks launched another 48 hours of discussion and dialogue. Most importantly, you created the context for one of the best planning meetings we ever held. Your 5% creative thinking challenge and encouragement to accept criticism as a way of ensuring success stuck with us throughout our meeting -- much better ideas offered with much less defensiveness. Fears were lowered and the boundaries of concern widened. We all really appreciated your intelligence, insights, and most importantly your engaging and open style." — Paul R. Brown, President: Public Services Group, CDM Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.

"Fabulous! Your provocative future scenarios, your explanation of developmental trends in technology and your balanced, nuanced delivery got folks energized like no speaker we've had before. I think the truest mark of a great speaker is their popularity in the hallways afterward, and on that score you again exceeded all expectations. It was great to see how many groups self-organized to discuss the issues you raised for the remainder of the weekend. Passionate engagement, incisive thinking, rapid references to the key ideas in the value space, enlightened and centered solutions... You set a standard for us all to achieve." — John Smart, Accelerating Change, Stanford University.

"You were wonderful beyond even my exaggerated expectations. You are a hero to these business people (and, not to put too fine a point on it, have made me also a hero for finding you)..." — Guy Iannuzzi, BIOCOM: Biotechnology Executives Networking Breakfast, San Diego/La Jolla, CA.

"David, I just looked in my email box and realized my earlier thank you to you bounced back. Gad! Especially as you were absolutely spectacular — you completely stole the meeting! I am still hearing from clients who were utterly taken by your comments. So, once again, many, many thanks!" — Paul Saffo, Institute for the Future.

"Thanks for the outstanding presentation... It was by all accounts the most successful review ever, due in significant measure to your contribution." — Dean Robert W. Conn, UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering (c/o Kelly Briggs) "Sensors/Sensing" Annual Review, keynote.

"What a successful program! I've never seen quite such a spontaneous and enthusiastic response to one of our speakers! Thanks again, David. I hope this is not the last time you'll be able to participate in one of our programs." — Don Wood, American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom.

"Dear David, We enjoyed meeting you and hearing your presentation. You were interesting, amusing, and challenging; I wish we had a video, but we do have the audio tape, which I have already listened to, in its entirety. We all feel delighted you came up to be our keynote speaker. My opinion was validated by the speaker evaluations. You were our highest scoring speaker with the following scores: (5 = highest) Knowledge of subject: 5.0; Audio/visual: 3.4; Style/Organization: 4.67; Value of Talk: 4.67; Weighted Average: 4.57... Comments by attendees: 1. Well done! 2. In 9 years of conferences, this is the first time I bought an audio tape. 3. Excellent, brilliant! Attendees appreciated the book signing.... Thanks again and if you every need a reference for speaking, give me a call." — Liz Wenchel, Card Tech West (301-654-0551).

"I was very happy with your willingness to take on the assignment on short notice, with your professionalism and courteousness and most of all, with the insights that you brought to bear on this topic. More than 90% of those responding to the survey about the event rated it as a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-5." — Margaret Miller, World Bank Conference on Credit Reporting, Miami, FL.

"I'd like to thank you again for a most excellent keynote. I thought that your concept of the "Maturity Principle" (which I first read in your book) was an excellent analogy of open source technology and the members seemed genuinely inspired!" — Ken Coar and Jim Jagielski, Apache Software Foundation.

"Hey David: Gang buster presentation -- folks loved it. Thanks Thanks Thanks." — Paul Barsnica, Defense Information Services Agency.

"David is one of the most thoughtful and provocative speakers I have run across. He has a remarkable talent for getting inside a concept and turning it into something completely new. Before his landmark book, The Transparent Society, was written, he engaged the Highlands Forum with these ideas in open conversation. What was at the time stunning now seems to be accepted by many around the world as the society we are coming to. An amazing mind." — Captain Richard O'Neil (USN ret.), Director of the Highlands Future Concepts Program (U.S. Secretary of Defense).

Past Engagements as Featured or Keynote* Speaker

"Technology & Society," “Future Robotics” and "From SciFi to Screen," Oregon State University residency (10/2016)
"Virtual/Augmented Reality & Internet of Things," Viacom Corp, New York (10/2016)
"Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence," GE Global Research, Whitney Symposium, Niskayuna, NY (10/2016)
"Will Artificial Intelligence occur by design, evolution, accident... or at all?" World of Watson: IBM conf, Las Vegas (10/2016)
"Climate Fiction," panel for Society of Environmental Journalists, Sacramento (skyped 9/2016)
"Creativity & Business Success," Webinar for Tata Group (India) (9/2016)
"Time, Mathematics, and the Mind of God," a panel with fellow astrophysicists Brian Keating & Andrew Friedman at the Arthur Clarke Center (8/2016)
"Societal aspects of technology," "Prediction," & Inspiring STEM," World Science Fiction Convention, Kansas City (8/2016)
"Followup on Big Picture Dangers," White House Leadership Development Series, WH-EEOB, Washington DC (8/2016)
NASA Innovative and Advanced Concepts symposium, Raleigh NC (8/2016)
“Human augmentation: Will we change ourselves?” ViaSat Corp. (6/2016)
“Big Picture Perspectives on Future Threats” White House OSTP, Washington DC (6/2016)
“Future of Military Aviation” panel at AIAA forum, Washington DC (6/2016)
“STEM Education: inspiring bright new generations” Caltech Alumni, Washington DC (6/2016)
“Shall we shout ‘messages’ into the cosmos?” Ideacity Conference, Toronto (6/2016)
"David Brin & Kim Stanley Robinson: Our 21st Century" Annual James Arnold Lecture, UCSD (5/2016)
"Boeing at 100: what will the next 100 bring?" Redondo Beach, CA (4/2016)
"The vast array of potential threats, dangers and resilience solutions" for varied intelligence services, Washington, DC (2/2016)
Navigator Awards Dinner: recipients Rep. Mac Thornberry, David Brin & Alan Shaffer, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, Washington DC (10/2015)
The Future of Politics conference for Better Brains Institute & Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology (10/2015)
"21st Century Foreign Policy" Bard Center Seminar in New York City (10/2015)
"Privacy: Why Does It Matter?" Conference at the Hannah Arendt Center at Bard College (10/2015)
"Human Augmentation" Innovation Outreach Program, Microsoft sponsored, Amsterdam (10/2015)
"The future of Augmented & Virtual Reality," SEA-VR2015 Seattle (10/2015)
"The World Village" UCSD Virtual Reality conference Keynote (9/2015)
"The Future Seen Through the Eyes of Science Fiction" Dreamforce Event, San Francisco (9/2015)
"Implications of the Internet of Things" Cloudflare Inc. corporate summit in San Francisco (9/2015)
"Machine Learning" corporate conference call, Intellum Corp (8/2015)
"The Physics of Free Will" with astronomers Brian Keating & Andrew Friedman, UCSD (8/2015)
"Augmented Reality's Hidden Problems and Promise" AWE Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA (6/2015)
"San Diego's Bright Promise" San Diego Foundation, Joan Kroc Center USD (5/2015)
"The Future of Humanity" Skeptic Society at Caltech (5/2015)
"The murky road ahead: from an Internet of Things to human augmentation and AI... Looking beyond the five year ROI horizon" COFES: Congress On the Future of Engineering Software, Scottsdale AZ (4/2015)
Conference on World Affairs Boulder, CO (4/2015)
Workshop on Light Field Imaging, Stanford CA (2/2015)
"Is It Time To Start Transmitting to the Cosmos?" AAAS Annual Meeting, San Jose, CA (2/2015)
"Asteroids: protection from and mining of" B612 Foundation, San Jose CA (2/2015)
"Should Earth Civilization Broadcast its Presence?" American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (2/2015)
"Does life exist in the universe beyond Earth?" American Assoc. Physics Teachers (1/2015)
Meeting and review: Board of Advisors, NASA Innovative & Advanced Concepts group, Cocoa Beach FL (1/2015)
"What stimulates innovative companies?" with Roger Bingham & Erik Viirre, MIT Enterprise Forum (11/2014)
"Medical Breakthroughs on the Horizon" Health IT and Quality Exchange, San Diego (11/2014)
Teradyne Inc. Technical Conference 2014 Keynote (10/2014)
Cornell Tech, NYCity Campus, lecture on creativity for students (10/2014)
"Science Fiction as an Inspiration for NASA" New York Comicon (10/2014)
"Dangerous Impudence of Speculative Fiction" University of Kansas, Lawrence (10/2014)
"Neutralizing Nightmares: How we prevent dark tomorrows... by imagining them," Newman University, Witchita (10/2014)
"The future of organized crime" Institute for the Future, Palo Alto CA (10/2014)
"Strange Things" a radio call-in marathon on Coast-to-Coast (9/2014)
"Games that Teach" Cosmic Con (by Skype) (9/2014)
"Do we live in a multiverse?" with Brian Keating and Andrew Friedman, UCSD (7/2014)
"Will Technology Liberate Us or Enslave Us?" and "Delicious dystopias" FreedomFest, Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas (7/2014)
"Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature" Comicon San Diego (7/2014)
"Humanity as the positive sum of many parts" Human Computation Roadmap Conference, Washington DC (remote) (6/2014)
"Potential catastrophes - in context" Global Catastrophic Risks, Berkeley, CA (remote) (6/2014)
"Big Data: Where Will We Be in 40 Years?" Uptime Institute Symposium, Santa Clara (5/2014)
"Human Diversity Will Explode" Smithsonian Conference THE FUTURE IS HERE! Washington, DC (5/2014)
"The Future of War" Symposium Atlantic Council, Washington, DC (5/2014)
"Surveillance, sousveillance & freedom" The Internet Society, Washington, DC (5/2014)
"Pitfalls and beneficial businesses in the future" the MITRE Corp., Washington, DC (5/2014)
"Business & Cultural Impacts of Cyber Surveillance" 2nd Cyber Surveillance Conference at Santa Clara University (5/2014)
"Indignation: the most destructive addiction!" TEDx UCSD (5/2014)
"Humanity's future in space" Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UCSD, San Diego CA (3/2014)
"Which Dystopian Future Is Most Likely To Come To Pass?" Intl. Assoc of Privacy Professionals, Washington DC (3/2014)
"Methods for scenario building re global trends" The Atlantic Council, Washington DC (3/2014)
"Can fiction promote or challenge alternate futures?" Google HQ (2/2014)
"Tomorrow is coming fast!" Silicon Valley Future Society, SAP Labs (2/2014)
"Problems in online communications" Facebook HQ (2/2014)
NASA-NIAC Symposium, Palo Alto CA (2/2014)
"Space Technology Innovation: A new system for the Interplanetary Internet" Google HQ (1/2014)
"What Do We Owe Tomorrow?" Personhood Beyond the Human Conference, Yale University, New Haven, CT (12/2013)
"What's Next?" re:THINK, TEDx San Diego, Calit2/UCSD (12/2013)
"How will future generations govern themselves?" Otherlands Books, Berlin, Germany (11/2013)
"Digital Agenda for Europe" ICT 2013, Vilnius, Lithuania (11/2013)
Eugene Shoemaker Memorial Lecture at Arizona State University (ASU) (10/2013)
Mensa Foundation's Colloquium 2013 - Frontiers of Science Fiction and Science, Ft. Worth, Tx (7/2013)
Public talk at the Ft. Worth Science Center/Museum (7/2013)
"Science Fiction/Fantasy counterfactual?" American Library Association, Chicago (6/2013)
ISTAS13, the IEEE International Symposium on Technology and Society - (skyped talk) on transparency and sousveillance (6/2013)
"Digitizing the Planet" FiRe Future in Review Conference (5/2013)
"Transhumanism and Space Exploration": ISDC National Space Society Conference, La Jolla (5/2013)
Grand Opening, Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination, UCSD (5/2013)
San Diego Writers/Editors Guild (4/2013)
ST Global Consortium, AAAS Headquarters, Washington DC. (4/2013)
Eaton Literary SF Conference, Riverside (4/2013)
Remembering Ray Bradbury, Cygnet Theater, San Diego (4/2013)
Tucson Festival of Books, U. of Az (3/2013)
NASA NIAC Spring Symposium, Chicago (3/2013)
Southern California Writer's Conference (1/2013)
Dedication of Ray Bradbury Square, LA (12/2012)
Not-the-end-of-the-world cruise, Caribbean/Yucatan (12/2012)
Keynote, Qualcomm Open Source Summit, (11/2012)
Keynote, Engineers for a Sustainable World (10/2012)
"Merging Science & Art" keynote dedication of UCSD's new Structural Engineering Building (9/2012)
"Images of the Future" Keynote dedication of exhibition at CSU Northridge. (9/2012)
"The Future of Artificial Intelligence" KPCC Crawford Forum, Pasadena (8/2012)
"Curiosity, Mars and Beyond" Planet-Fest, Pasadena (7/2012)
"Broad/Deep/Far: Humanity's Prospects to Evolve?" Singularity University (remote) (7/2012)
"Transforming Human-Computer Interfaces." Microsoft, Seattle (7/2012)
"Harnessing Competition to Solving the Riddle of Survival and Progress" UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge* (6/12)
"How Drones With Affect & Change Us" for Drones at Home conference, UCSD (5/12)
"Nutrient Info-tech, Can Citizens Use it to Live Better" Future in Review conf. Laguna (5/12)
US Air Force Space & Cyberspace Visionary Workshop, ColoSPrings (4/12)
"The Future of Governance" - Berggruen Institute, Palo Alto (3/12)
NASA NIAC new technologies conference, Pasadena (3/12)
"Sipping from a fire hose: the future of human information processing and security" Keynote: Network/Distributed System Security Symposium, San Diego (2/12)
"The Politics of Space" CDPIC conference, San Diego (2/12)
"Copyright 2020 & the Future of Online IP" the Internet Society/Georgetown U. (DC 2/12)
DEBATE: Is Privacy Obsolete in the Digital World? Assoc. of American Publishers (DC 2/12)
"The World of 2061: Re-inventing Civilization" TedX Brussells (11/11)
"The Art of Reinventing Ourselves" TedX Intuit, San Diego (11/11)
"Making Gods: Will That Bother Anyone?" Singularity Summit New York (10/11)
"Future of Medicine" Society Of Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, Los Angeles (9/11)
Paypal Executive conference: keynote speech (06/11)
Qualcomm's Innovation Network (QUIN) "Venture Fest" consultation (06/11)
"Problem Solving in the New Millennium" Maker Faire, San Mateo (5/11)
Meeting/consultation NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Program (05/11)
"Our Destiny in Space and Life in the Cosmos" CSU San Marcos (04/11)
"Engineering Education" Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads, Phoenix (3/11)
"Making Everything in Your Home" IFTF workshop on open fabrication, San Jose (3/11)
National Conference of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads*, Phoenix AZ (03/11)
workshop on the future of open fabrication at Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, CA (03/11)
"The Long Form: Novels & Movies" - Anime-Caonji, San Diego (03/11)
"The Future of Urban Life" San Diego Rotary Club (11/10)
"Interstellar Communications: Technology and Policy" Royal Society conference, Kavli Center (UK) (10/10)
"Originality in the Film District 9" for ART-PWR San Diego (9/10)
TEDx Del Mar - "Does the Galaxy Need Humanity?" (6/10)
Parallel Computing Workshop, keynote, UCSD (5/10)
"Out of the Eye of the Storm" keynote for Casey Research Investment Conference (5/10)
"CTO Challenge on Alternate Energy" & "The Physics of Tomorrow," Future in Review (FiRe) Conference, Palos Verdes, CA (5/10)
Situational Awareness Workshop, keynote, UCSD (5/10)
Larry King Show (with Michio Kaku & Dan Aykroyd) re "Are aliens a threat?" (4/10)
"Hollywood & Pop Culture: Myths that help us and cliches that don't" IEET Conference Irvine, CA (12/09)
"Government web sites: service, accountability and security." NIC2009 keynote, Denver (11/09)
"Idea-Driven Innovation" Da Vinci Colorado Inventors' Showcase (11/09)
"Perspectives on Education & the Future" Kaplan University (keynote) 10/09
"Accountability, Attribution and Anonymity: Nat/Sec Implications" keynote speaker (unnamed Agency) Arlington VA (9/09)
"Ethics and Science," University of San Diego (USD) (7/09)
"Why Johnny Can't Code - missing skills we'll need tomorrow," USENIX Conf. (6/09)
"Ethics and the Engineering Profession," Commencement, Jacobs School, UCSD (6/09)
Wine n' Writers Author event, San Diego (5/09)
"Solving the Water Crisis," an ArchiTechs Challenge, Future in Review (FiRe) Conf. Coronado (5/09)
Associated Cities-Geodomain Expo "Mixed Reality in Tomorrow's Cities" San Diego (04/09)
"Visualizing new types of threats" (for an unnamed agency) Washington DC (04/09)
Info Tech And Innovation Foundation. "How the US might regain its faith in the future" Washington DC (04/09)
National Insitute on Drug Abuse, "Virtual Reality and other New Addictions" Washington DC (04/09)
Jacobs School of Engineering Graduate Dinner (03/09)
Speculative threats appraisal (presented by remote) CIA (01/09)
San Diego Inventors' Forum: "Innovating in Uncertain Times" (11/08)
MIT Media Lab Annual Sponsors' Summit* (10/08)
IBM Cambridge: "Digital Discourse" (10/08)
IBM company-wide speech "21st Century Collaboration & Problem Solving" (7/08)
Clarion Writers' Conference "Speculative Fiction: Keeping it Realistic and Relevant" (7/08)
"The Transparent Society: Ten Years After" - Computers, Freedom & Privacy (CFP), Yale (by remote hookup) (5/08)
Eaton Conference on Science Fiction as Literature, UC Riverside(5/08)
Future in Review (FiRe) Conference on Technology & Business, Hotel del Coronado (5/08)
Research Affiliates Advisory Panel on Economic & Investment Modeling, Laguna Beach (5/08)
"Yuri's Night and the Future of the Future" - Extropia (Second Life) event (4/08)
"Literary Orange" - morning keynote, Garden Grove Hyatt Regency (4/08)
"MySpace or Your Space? Teens, privacy and freedom of expression." RHFleet Center, San Diego (2/08)
International Symposium on AI, Robotics and Automation in Space, JPL/Los Angeles (2/08 dinner speaker)
Wealth Owners' Conclave Concerning Transparency and Privacy (Vaduz, Liechtenstein, 1/08)
Department of Homeland Security: Stake-holders' Conference (Los Angeles 1/08)
Beyond Belief: Enlightenment 2.0 (Salk Institute 11/07)
Dinner at the Library: fundraising Gala speaker, Geisel University Library, UCSD (9/07)
International Science Fiction Summit, Beijing China (8/07)
International Conference on Science Fiction, Chengdu China (8/07)
Guest of Honor at World Science Fiction Convention, Yokohama Japan (8/07)
Clarion Science Fiction Writers' Workshop (7/07)
USD & Fleet Center speech (7/07)
Qualcomm Corporate Speaker Series and consulting (7/07)
Institute for the Future "Technology Horizons"*, La Jolla (6/07)
Future in Review (FiRe) Conference speaker ( 4th year) and "ArchiTech" facilitator (5/07)
San Diego Rotary Club - "Managing Change" 3/07
Uplift Academy "Good Ancestor" workshop on future philanthropy 2/07
Collective Intelligence Networks Summit (Los Angeles) 2/07
Anonymizer.Com Corporate Strategy Meeting*, (Ranch Santa Fe) 10/06
Caltech Alumni Forum (La Jolla) 10/06
Google corporate-wide "Tech-Talk" (Mountain View, CA) 10/06
Zimmer Gunsul Frasca (ZGF) corporate meeting, "Architecture and the Future" (10/06)
US Air Force Research Labs, "Alternate Futures" workshop (LA 8/06)
Strong Angel, Homeland Defense Exercise (San Diego 8/06)
International Conference on Complex Systems, "Predictability in a Nonlinear Future" (Boston 6/06)
Defense Threat Reduction Agency, "Thwarting an Evil Genius" workshop (DC 6/06)
Dinner speech for the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, San Diego Conference, San Diego, California (3/06)
International Association of Privacy Professionals, Las Vegas (10/05)
Enviro Fair, "Our Sustainable Future," Del Mar, CA (9/05)
NASA Conference on Exobiology (dinner speaker), NASA Ames Research Center (8/05)
Sandia National Laboratory, "Preventing Terrorism at Soft Targets" (7/05)
Santa Barbara Writers' Conference, evening speaker honoring Ray Bradbury (6/05)
Marina Del Rey: Hollywood Writers' Salon on "Real Science Fiction in Movies" (6/05)
UC Irvine Conference panel: "Human Rights, Technology & the Humanities" (5/05)
MIT Enterprise Forum Panel: "Enterprise Pitfalls & Opportunities in the Information Age" (La Jolla, CA 4/05)
Service Industry Association, dinner speaker at Hotel Coronado (3/05)
CDM Camp Dresser & McKee Inc., company brainstorm speaker (3/05)
American Astronomical Society: Panel on Using Art for Science Education, (1/05)
Project Inkwell: "Technology Empowering Education" (dinner speaker 11/04)
Accelerating Change 2004: "Horizons of Perception in an Era of Change" (Stanford 11/04)
Danish IT Security Council, Danish Open Source Vendors Association, and Internet Society (Copenhagen 11/04)
40th anniversary of Free Speech Movement (UC Berkeley 10/04)*
Imation Inc. Patent Recognition Banquet (Minneapolis 10/04)*
Swissnex debate on human augmentation (San Francisco 10/04)
Global Solutions Institute -- on future of environmentalism (Seattle 10/04)
Pacific Northwest Digital Government Summit (6/04)
Strategic News Service FiRe (Future in Review) Conference (Coronado 5/04)
Woodrow Wilson Center: Conference on Anonymity, Washington D.C. (5/04)
San Diego Writers and Editors Guild, Odin Award recipient/speaker (4/04)
CONTACT Conference on Cultures of the Imagination (3/04)
California Librarians Association*, Ontario CA, "Keeping Reading Relevant" (11/03)
The Skeptic Society, Caltech, Pasadena CA, "21st Century Fables: Can We Learn to See Well?" (11/03)
DLC and Progressive Policy Institute, speech & consultation about 21st Century politics, Macinac MI (9/03)
National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) Conference, Scottsdale AZ, (9/03)
Dinner speaker, IPv6 Conference (6/03)
Jacobs School of Engineering (UCSD), graduation speech (6/03)
Book Expo, Los Angeles (5/03)
FIRe Future in Review Conference, Hotel del Coronado (5/03)
Arizona Book Festival: on adding action to thought and vice versa (4/03)
UCSD Foundation Trustees: on philanthropy in the future (3/03)
MIT Media Lab: on the future of augmented reality (2/03)
Harvard University Law School: seminar on legal ramifications of transparency (2/03)
Los Alamos National Labs: LANSCE Workshop (1/03)
Border Research & Technology Center, San Diego (12/02)
Association of Biotechnology Finance Officers, San Francisco (6/02)
Utopiales: International Conference on the Future, Nantes France (10/02)
Minneapolis ACM Computer Human Interface Conference* (4/02)
BIOCOM San Diego Biotech Industry Breakfast Meeting (3/02)
"Biosensors/Bioterror" SAIC Conference, Del Mar CA (2/02)
Microsoft Speakers' Program "Intelligence: Artificial & Otherwise" (2/02)
"Sensors/Sensing" UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering Annual Review* (2/02)
D.C., "The Digital Divide: Japanese & American Perspectives" (12/01)
National Academies of Science, President's Circle* (11/01)
University of Michigan "Accountability Systems" (11/01)
Privacy/Security Symposium, Zurich, Switzerland (11/01)
University of Chicago, "Danger and Individualism" (11/01)
Global Privacy Summit, Plaza Hotel, New York (11/01)
WebDevShare Conference, Indiana University (10/01)
National Reconnaissance Office (8/01)
Defense Information Systems Agency (8/01)
American Library Association Freedom of Speech* (6/01)
Apache Conference on Open Source Software Movement (4/01)
Qualcomm - motivational-innovation speech (4/01)
William Saroyan Literary Conference* (3/01)
Forum of Associations of Grantmakers "Future Philanthropy" (2/01)
Democratic National Convention Privacy Teach-in (8/00)
Library of Congress Speaker Series (6/00)
SAP TechEd 2000* - Las Vegas (6/00)
"Out of the Box" Pentagon-Potomac Institute Brainstorm* (6/00)
Procter & Gamble Innovation 2000 trade show* (6/00)
World Bank International Conf. on Credit Reporting (6/00)
Internet Everywhere Summit, San Francisco 2000
Bar Assoc. Conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution
"1984: Orwell & Our Future" - U.Chicago Law School (11/99)
Association of Information Technology Professionals (11/99)
Institute for the Future: Outlook Project Exchange (10/99)
California First Amendment Coalition* (9/99)
Decision Makers 2000, Frankfurt Germany (5/99)
Economic Crime Summit*, Orlando (5/99)
Privacy Briefing for Congressional Staff (4/99)
Planet-Fest - 1999 (Planetary Society)
Economic Crime Conference* (5/99)
Card-Tech ID Technology Gathering (11/98)
Communication Tech & Society Conference (Cato Institute)
1998 Space Frontier Conference*
Government Communications/Info Officers' Summit '98
TTI/Vanguard '98 Conference: Security & Information
L.A. Junior Chamber of Commerce
LaBatt Corporation Executive Retreat
Defense Department Highlands Group
Microsoft Lecture Series
California School Library Association*
Future of Medicine Conference (6/98)
1997 Supercomputing Conference
The Planetary Society
California Institute of Technology
Sandia National Laboratories
Rutgers University School of Information Science
University of Michigan School of Information Science
MENSA Regional Gathering
United Nations Association*
Oregon Psychological Society*
Southern California Academy of Science
American Library Association
Library & Information Technology Association
International Association of Film Commissioners
Society of Science Educators

TV and Media Appearances

"Star Trek: Secrets of the Universe" 2013
"Alien Encounters" 2012
"Prophets of Science Fiction" Discovery Channel 2011
Larry King Show (with Michio Kaku & Dan Ayckroyd) re "are aliens a threat?" 4/2010
"The Universe" (several episodes) History Channel winter/spring 2008
"Life After People" 1/2008 (highest rated show ever on the History Channel). Click here for the last ten minutes of History Channel's most popular show ever, "Life After People."
"Beyond Belief: Enlightenment 2.0" Science Network 12/2007
"The ArchiTECHS" 2006 (History Channel) (to purchase a copy of the program, visit the online store)
We, the Writer 1996 (TV) Directed by Michael Gregory
Cosmic Thoughts 2003 directed by Mark Young
NOVA (PBS) "Monster of the Milky Way" (black holes)
Televised panel on Internet Ethics for Teens, ITV & EthiCal 5/2006
"Surfing the Internet: Who's Watching? Who's Censoring?" University of San Diego Center for Ethics in Science & Technology (broadcast on KPBS radio) March 20, 2006 (downloadable).
History Channel: ArchiTechs (Principal Cast member)
CBS Sunday Morning
Tactical to Practical (History Channel)
Modern Marvels (History Channel)
Voice of America Live
Fast Forward
"Beyond Human" (PBS)
Closer to Truth
Life on the Internet
"Prisoners of Gravity"
Future Quest BBC Tomorrow's World
BBC's "Hyperspace" (hosted by Sam Neill)
Beyond the Galaxy
"Science of the Impossible"
and numerous morning shows and talk radio appearances