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Traditional media now competes with -- and complements -- online videos and podcasts of interviews, talks, speeches, and discussions, which I've posted here.

predicting — INVENTING! — the future

On Bloomberg, Bill Frezza's interview with me is available on SoundCloud and YouTube.

I blather on a bit about the power of sci fi in self-preventing prophecies, on The Note Show. The host seemed pleased, despite hardly getting a word in! Also on itunes and stitcher.


Will we supply our own new diversity? Suppose we don't meet aliens. Might we satisfy our thirst for "otherness" anyway, by widening the range of who "we" are? Incorporating intelligences that are artificial, or human variants, or uplifted animals? Watch my assumption-shattering talk at the Smithsonian, May 2014. Here are the slides that accompany the talk! Open alongside and click along with me.

partially-examined LIVING

I participated in a podcast radio panel discussion about Philosophy(!) on the Partially Examined Life show with some very smart co-panelists. All sorts of implications of SETI, the Fermi Paradox, transparency, humanity, life, the universe... and almost everything.

transparency's NEXT 50 years?

This 10 minute video about transparency and what the Internet Miracle happened is one of the best excerpts from an interview I gave a European television station during the recent conference in Lithuania on the digital future.

Another excerpt explains the most difficult concept of the information age... that we should stop whining about how much elites can see... and instead be militant about looking back at them.


Here's an audio podcast interview of David Brin one on the subject of "Kickstarter and other open-source methods for dream-funding." Interesting sub-topics around the notion that creativity will open all sorts of new opportunities for all of us.

talking about ET

It seems I'm a go-to guy on the topic of Extraterrestrial life. Here's a podcast and interview I gave to Tom Fudge of KPBS radio.


For a garrulous ramble that will take you from Pericles to Popper to Pluto, mostly focusing on transparency and accountability and re-learning the art of pragmatism, here's a recent (July 2011) podcast interview I gave about the future of freedom. (A couple of times I even pause to take a breath!)

we 3 writers... know WRITING

This podcast poses questions about writing to the great Sci Fi author Allen Steele and me and rising star Dan Haight in an hour-long interview. And yes, after the first 10 minutes or so I do calm down!

our newest CIVIL WAR

Here's an informal recording at a Portland restaurant... in which I explore the roots of today’s phase of the American Civil War.

indignation, addiction and HOPE

Does it help to be "Mad as Hell?" My talk at TEDxUCSD reveals how an unseen addiction is destroying our civilization. Are we abandoning our greatest gift — the ability to actually solve problems? (Here are the slides.)

examining LIFE

The brainiac philosophers at "A Partially Examined Life" have posted both the two hour podcast of our interview and their followup notes. "What's the point of thinking? Brin sees the future as a pressing threat, and Existence speculates that the reason we don't see evidence of life on other planets is that no species survives its technological adolescence. The solution? We need to be smarter than our parents and work to give our kids the tools to be smarter than we are. In the book, the ultimate hope comes from a concerted effort to develop and diversify the coalition of Earth's intelligent life, to make 'humanity' encompass more than just the biological humans that we currently are."

I tried hard to offer my best stuff since these are the alphas who actually did something with their philosophy majors!

enlightening SPACE

Here's a two hour (!) interview I gave Veritas Radio about SETI and space and maintaining a scientific civilization and ... oh yes ... yadda!

is SF a good PREDICTOR?

Does science fiction still influence or predict technological advances? I am one of several sages (and or ninnies) interviewed on this terrific-brief NPR show about the ideas and influence of science fiction in creating the modern world.


Here's a podcast interview I did with Scott Sigler about Existence.

podcasted FICTION

Interzone Online has republished a reading-podcast audiobook of my Hugo-nominated story "The Giving Plague." Clear and dramatic and fun. You'll like it. It's all about disease!


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dweebcasting ME

Dweebcast is one of these joyfully-geeky mini-shows that celebrate tech optimism. In this episode they ask me: "Hey, where are the hoverboards we were promised in Back to the Future?"

media, film & games

media, film and games

Television, film, games, speeches, appearances... all my media!


My talk at TEDx San Diego-2013 is now posted for viewing by all. It was very popular, but challenging for the smart audience, as I took them on a rapid tour of human history, society, evolution... and our galactic destiny... all in 12 minutes!

a 40-year FORECAST

In this video two renowned futurists, David Brin and John Smart, discuss what inventions and adventures await us in the next 40 years.


Is an erasable internet in our future? Hear me discuss this on KCRW's SnapChat and the art of "forgetting", on "To the Point."

getting our GEEKS ON

The fun fellows at "GeeksOn" interviewed me for more than an hour (if anyone can take that much Brin!) about everything from the future to politics to SETI to all the myriad ways that science fiction has either gone astray or else propelled our thoughts into new frontiers.

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