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What may we become? How will we endure? The future is a daunting realm, filled with real and imagined perils. So enter it prepared!

Here are vivid tales about possible tomorrows, from the keen eye and colorful pen of David Brin, a modern master of speculative fiction. Visit a chillingly plausible tomorrow, when prisoners may be sent to asteroidal gulags. Or might prisons vanish and felons roam, seeing only what society allows? Suppose, amid lavish success, we gain the superpower to fly! Will we even appreciate it... or will we find new reasons to complain?

In "Mars Opposition," you'll experience an alien invasion like no other, confronting humanity with a stark and terrible choice... followed by several more tales of conquest from beyond, each of them wildly different. On the other hand, might fantastically potent new beings emerge out of ourselves, as revealed in "Chrysalis"?

Featuring guest appearances by Gregory Benford, Jules Verne, and Galileo, this adventure takes you beyond the very singularity in "Stones of Significance," pondering what could happen after humans are like gods. And "Reality Check" asks one of you readers — just one of you — to wake up! Tomorrow awaits. We can face it and prevail. So long as our stance is brave INSISTENCE OF VISION.

table of contents

Introduction by Vernor Vinge
The Heresy of Science Fiction
Insistence of Vision
Transition Generation
Stones of Significance (available on kindleStones of Significance)
News from 2035: A Glitch in Medicine Cabinet 3.5
The Logs
The Tumbledowns of Clepatra Abyss
Eloquent Elepents Pine Away for the Moon's Crystal Forests
Mars Opposition
A Professor at Harvard
I Could've Done Better, written with Gregory Benford
Paris Conquers All, written with Gregory Benford
An Ever Reddening Glow
The Diplomacy Guild
The Other Side of the Hill
Temptation: A Novella from the Uplift Universe
The Avalon Probes
Six Word Tales
Reality Check (read on this site or free on KindleReality Check)
Waging War with Reality