Shouting for Justice

The Journey of a Jewish Journalist Across the Century of Hitler and Israel

This memoir of Herb Brin reveals a truly unique American life, the story of a courageous journalist, publisher, and poet, who was a tireless fighter, both for his people and for justice.

Born in 1915 to a poor Chicago family of immigrants from Poland and Russia, Herb became a gangland reporter in 1930s Chicago, served as an army reporter during World War II, then covered top stories for the Los Angeles Times, before starting Heritage Jewish press, a chain of community papers spanning Southern California.

As an investigative reporter, he first broke the story of the heroism of Oskar Schindler. Herb also covered the Eisenhower-Khrushchev summit, as well as the historic trials of Nazis Adolph Eichmann and Klaus Barbie, After a visit to Moscow, he first sounded the alarm about endangered Soviet Jews and was near Robert Kennedy the night he was shot.

Herb was a world renowned poet, publishing five books of poetry, several of them with forewords by Nobel prize winner Elie Weisel. His anecdotes are sure to amuse, amaze and inspire.

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  • Chapters:

    1. Preface, 1 - 4: Childhood; parents & grandparents; early career as a reporter in Chicago; infiltrating the Bund; Great Depression
    2. 5 - 8: Anti-Semitism in the U.S.; World War II; military journalism; post-Chicago crime beat; move to Glendale, CA; anti-"Communism" sting of the Glendale Democratic Club
    3. 9- 13: Los Angeles Times; Dewey-Truman election; Marilyn Monroe; saving a Stradivarius violin; Charlie Chaplin; discovery of the Holocaust; leaving the LA Times and starting the Heritage; covering the Eisenhower-Kruschev summit
    4. 14 - 18: Schindler's List; encounters with Aryan Nation and Posse Comatitus; the John Birch Society; Sen. Robert Kennedy's assassination; travels in Israel and Jordan; Bobby Briscoe; the Adolph Eichmann trial
    5. 19 - end: Jews in the Soviet Union; the Klaus Barbie trial; Alan Burg's murder; touring the Aryan Nations compound; covering Israel's 1967 Six-Day War and 1973 Yom Kippur War; writing of Where Are the Children?; pursuit of Andrija Artukovic; the Serbian-Croatian War; final poems

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