FORGIVENESS description and bonus information


Look for my graphic novel Forgiveness, set in the famed Star Trek universe. With approval from Paramount Pictures and DC Comics, Wildstorm Entertainment asked me to script this canonical look at an adventure of the USS Enterprise that fans should find vivid, exciting, fun... and maybe a little stimulating to the mind, as well.

The inventor of the technology that will give the Earth the transporter and the holodeck, caught in a web of betrayal, is beamed into space toward a dangerous rendezvous three hundred years in his future...

... as the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise tensely prepares for an encounter that may erupt in new waves of interstellar war, when the Federation can least afford it. What they don't need right now is a distraction — or another crisis.

Also, there's one more quirky little feature of Forgiveness. It turns out that the core notion for this story first occurred to me way back in 1965, as a teenager in Los Angeles watching the original Star Trek series, when a really weird idea occurred to me... it just goes to show, never throw away anything from your trunk.

My script has been wonderfully illustrated by Scott Hampton, one of the best graphic artists around. Paramount and DC-Wildstorm seem especially happy with this one.


from page 6

"Thanks for pushing me--(kaff)--out of the way of that chariot, Data."

"We must prepare for our meeting with the Palami."

"That arrow did pass awfully close."

"Picard here. What is it, Commander?"

from page 16

"Our ancestors were already merciful with the Palami. The disease they released--"

"Accident or not, tens of millions died of the plague, and countless millions more from the wave of insane violence it triggered..."

"The Andorians would rather wipe the Palami out entirely... as a sanitary precaution."