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This page lists my fiction and nonfiction books, and provides links to learn more about, purchase — and even read beginnings of — each one. I've listed my Shorter Fiction on a separate page.


[Bantam Spectra, 1990]

(runner-up 1991 Hugo) It's 2038. A micro black hole has fallen into the Earth's core. Can enough combined talents find a way to eject... or even use it? And what will Earth become? A novel known for many on-target predictions.

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  • Existence
    [Tor Books, 2012]

    It's 2050. A strange artifact claims that no other species in the galaxy has ever survived its many crises of adolescence. "Nor will humanity." Is it lying? Among our countless factions, does anyone have a roadmap, to solve the riddle of Existence?

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    The Postman
    [Bantam, 1985]

    (Campbell & Locus winner; "Best" from American Library Association; Hugo/Nebula nominee) Basis for a 1997 motion picture by Kevin Costner.

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    [Bantam, 1980]

    First book in the Uplift series (and my first published novel). Murder interrupts an expedition preparing for a most momentous voyage into the inferno sun, seeking our destiny in the cosmic order of life.

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    Brightness Reef
    [Bantam Spectra, 1995]

    (book#1 - Uplift Storm Trilogy). A dozen sapient races have fled to hidden, low-tech colonies on planet Jijo. Can their frail community hold together and prevail when fierce Galactics arrive?

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    Startide Rising
    [Bantam, 1983]

    (Nebula, Hugo, LOCUS Awards for Best Novel). Pursued by alien fleets, exploration vessel Streaker, with a mostly-doplphin crew, bears one of the most important discoveries in galactic history to the perilous world of Kithrup.

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    Infinitys Shore
    [Bantam Spectra, 1996]

    (book#2 - Uplift Storm Trilogy) As starships fill the skies, dire threats of genocide hang over the six sheltered sapient races of Jijo.

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  • The Uplift War
    [Bantam, 1987]

    (NY Times Bestseller; Hugo & LOCUS Awards for Best Novel, Nebula nominee). On planet Garth, human and uplifted chimpanzee allies must battle ruthless invaders while finding a way to save Earth civilization from extinction.

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    Heavens Reach
    [Bantam Spectra, 1998]

    (book#3 - Uplift Storm Trilogy). The Jijoans' only hope is the Earthship Streaker, crewed by uplifted dolphins and commanded by an untested human.

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    Kiln People
    [Tor Books, 2002]

    (runner-up for: Hugo, Locus, Clarke & Campbell Awards) In this near future, you duplicate yourself a zillion times and take it for granted, sometimes being the original, sometimes the copy. People seem to have adjusted to this new way of life, until...

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    The Practice Effect
    [Bantam, 1984]

    (winner: Balrog Award). Pure fun, with some amazing ideas mixed in. Physicist Dennis Nuel is the first human to probe the strange anomaly worlds, where the laws of science are strangely changed. The twist will surprise you and make you laugh.

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    Glory Season
    [Bantam Spectra, 1993]

    (nominee: 1994 Hugo award). Maia is approaching a turning point, and so is her world. There is freedom and some progress, but life is dominated by clans of women who are clones of their mothers. And it's hard for a young "var" - a girl with an actual father - to make it.

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    The Transparent Society
    [Perseus Books, 1998]

    (Winner: American Library Association's Freedom of Speech Award) The cameras are coming. They're getting smaller and nothing will stop them. The only question is: who watches whom? Can we live our lives exposed to scrutiny if in return we get flashlights of our own, that we can shine on the arrogant and strong? Or is privacy's illusion so precious that it is worth any price?

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  • Star Wars on Trial
    [Benbella Books, 2015]

    An anthology of essays on the merits and flaws of Star Wars set into the humorous framing narrative of a trial in which one editor, David Brin, acts as Prosecutor and another, Matthew Stover, acts as the Defense. Relentlessly hilarious even while examining important issues, like whether popular culture can affect us for well or ill. Or whether "Yoda" says even a single thing that's actually "wise." Ever!

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    Through Stranger Eyes
    [Altair Australia, 2008]

    My collection of book reviews, introductions and essays on popular culture that takes the reader on a swooping, controversial ride through worlds of fiction, nonfiction and film, offering more than two dozen reviews and commentaries that are sure to enlighten and entertain, possibly infuriate, or even make you laugh. You are guaranteed to come away with perspectives you never imagined before.

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    Heart of the Comet
    [Bantam, 1986]

    by David Brin and Gregory Benford. A scientific and commercial expedition to Halley's Comet in 2065 aims to herd the valuable object into a close orbit to Earth, for disassembly into resources to make the world rich again. Only, nature and luck intervene. A special revised and re-issued trade paperback and ebook edition can now be purchased.

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    Foundations Fear and Foundation and Chaos

    Authorized by the Asimov Estate, Gregory Benford and Greg Bear (respectively) wrote the first two novels of the Second Foundation Trilogy which continues Isaac Asimov's famous Robots and Foundation universe.

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  • [Harper-Collins, 1999]

    Though it also stands well on its own, the concluding volume wraps up all of Isaac's loose ends, including clues left by the master himself in novels as obscure as Pebble in the Sky! "I liked Foundation's Triumph a lot!" — Janet Asimov

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    River of Time
    [Bantam, 1987]

    The first David Brin collection brings together eleven powerful tales of heroism and humanity, playful excursions into realms of fancy, and profound meditations on time, memory, and our place in the universe, including "The Crystal Spheres" (WINNER: Hugo Award Best SF Short Story 1985).

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  • Otherness
    [Bantam Spectra, 1994]

    In Brin's second collection (WINNER: LOCUS Award for Best Collection 1995), humans and aliens encounter the secrets of the cosmos -- and of their own existence -- in tales as diverse as "The Giving Plague" (SECOND PLACE: 1989 Hugo Award for Best Short Story), "Dr. Pak's Preschool," "Sshhh...," and "Bubbles."

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    [Story Plant, 2016]

    Brin's third collection (coming March 22, 2016) are vivid tales about possible, chilling tomorrows. What may we become? How will we endure? The future is a daunting realm, filled with real and imagined perils. So enter it prepared!

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    My Out of Time series is aimed toward the brightest young readers -- and those young at heart. In Yanked!, kids from today - and assorted times in the past - get time-snatched to help humanity survive a time of great peril, in the year 2345. Written by Nebula winner Nancy Kress.

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  • The Game of Worlds

    Written by Roger McBride Allen, The Game of Worlds was awarded the Hal Clement Award for "science fiction that teaches." In the year 2345, young heroes yanked from the 20th century and beyond must fight an enemy more skilled, cunning, and dangerous than they ever imagined. These young heroes are the world's only hope.

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    Tiger In the Sky

    The third book in the Out of Time series, Sheila Finch's Tiger In the Sky, was honored with the San Diego Book Award in the Youth Fiction category. In the year 2345, young heroes have been yanked from 1999 to battle an alien menace. Soon they must seek help from the more distant past.

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    The Life Eaters
    [IDW, 2015]

    Now in a 2015 SPECIAL EDITION from IDW — a NEW RELEASE of this dramatic and gorgeously illustrated volume. Based on my Hugo nominated novella "Thor Meets Captain America," that asks: what might the Nazis have really been up to? Perhaps a hidden agenda that nobody knows about even to this day? The theme is explored with stirring imagery (by the great Scott Hampton!)... reaching toward an uplifting, action-packed conclusion. Finalist for "Best First Album" in France.

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    Want a book autographed? Find out how here. I also offer for purchase a limited number of autographed first edition hardcover copies of several novels.

    [DC Comics, 2001]

    Set in the famed Star Trek universe, with approval from Paramount Pictures and DC Comics. The inventor of the technology that will give the Earth the transporter and the holodeck is beamed into space toward a dangerous rendezvous three hundred years in his future, as the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise tensely prepares for an encounter that may erupt in new waves of interstellar war. What the Federation doesn't need right now is a distraction — or another crisis.

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    Contacting Aliens
    [Bantam, 2002]

    Created around the wonderful drawings of Minneapolis artist Kevin Lenagh and the amazing aliens of David Brin, this book makes more vivid nearly a hundred of the alien and Earthling species that appear in the Uplift novels like Startide Rising & Sundiver.

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  • Tinkerers
    [Subterranean Press, 2007]

    What if America lost its knack and desire to make things? Tinkerers, set in 2024 United States, is a dystopian future where manufacturing has declined precipitously, young people head into service careers, and nearly all innovation comes from overseas. After a catastrophic failure, our protagonist searches for answers... and a way America might come back.

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